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of Clay
    Hand created Metal Clay, Polymer Clay Art Jewelry 

Bits of Clay1674 White Oak Drive Sevierville, TN 37862 US--Phone: 865-453-4081 Website: www.bitsofclay.com
metal clay, polymer clay handmade jewelry handmade polymer clay jewelry handmade metal clay jewelry

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                  Celtic Cross Pendant  in Precious Metal Clay(fine silver)
. .

   Handmade metal clay (fine silver) jewelry

Precious metal clay pendant celtic cross

 Hollow Bead necklace
Enhanced with silver wire mesh


Polymer Clay Beads

Just email me:  Marilyn@bitsofclay.com


metal clay jewelry

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Polymer clay hollow beads

    wire mesh and hollow bead necklace

Thank you for visiting my jewelry website. I design metal clay jewelry and polymer clay jewelry. I also love to include cubic zirconia and freshwater pearls in my jewelry. Enjoy the jewelry and find a piece you just gotta have for your very own. Ask about custom jewelry.  marilyn@bitsofclay.com

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handmade jewelry in metal clay, polymer clay

Handmade jewelry is very unique and often one of a kind.  It means you won't find it sold anywhere else.  You can have custom jewelry created.

Metal Clay is a somewhat new medium for jewelry and other applications.  It is .999, fine silver after firing in kiln and polishing.

Polymer clay is a colorful clay that can be used in so many techniques.  There is no limit to the color mixes of this clay.
Semi-precious gems and sterling silver findings are also used to create these lovely pieces of jewelry.

Each piece of jewelry is handmade by me for you.  

Jewelry in metal clay, polymer clay

If you see a piece of my jewelry you
 would like in a different color or perhaps, a different length, just contact me: 


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